How to Overcome the Pain of Tattoo

TKTX TATTOO numbing cream

A large number of tattoo lovers think that pain is an inevitable process when tattooing. Is this really the case? Of course, on the contrary, it can be alleviated or even avoided. Regardless of whether your pain tolerance is high or low, you can choose not have to face it.

First mentioned some of the conventional methods of relieving pain.

Originally, you can grab a hard object or chew gum, soft candy, and so on. Or practice breathing exercises in yoga, adjust your breathing rate, and exhale as you feel the pain most, to calm yourself down. This was considered the only and effective way to start when the tattoo began to popular.

Over time, more and more people feel unbearable, and they are eager to find other ways to resist pain. Some people will drink alcohol or milk before tattooing, attempting to paralyze themselves. But they don't know, these all make themselves suffer more pain, and the discomfort doubles.

tktx numbing crean

Gradually, people gradually discovered that during the tattoo, the pain is really unavoidable, but it can definitely be alleviated. Finally, we introduced the tattoo numbing cream, and with the  appearance of it, greatly increased the confidence of the majority of tattoo lovers, and no longer had to endure the discomfort of the previous pain..

TKTX numbing Cream 7% lidocaine
TKTX numbing cream was launched in 1996. After more than 20 years of development and innovation, the current product effect has stabilized, making it possible to relieve tattoo pain and even pain free tattoos. In the past, green, red, gold, black, white, and blue, no matter what percentage of numbing, only have 5% of lidocaine adding, the numbing effect is same, but the length of numbness is different. ( click to see TKTX numbing cream color difference)

TKTX 7% lidocaine 40% Green numbing cream

The latest new arrival product in 2019, 40% Green with 7% Lidocaine, once launched, quickly became popular among market, it is currently the most long-lasting, most effective numbness cream on the market. Under the guidance of the correct method of use, the numbing effect could last nearly 5-7 hours, nearly pain free with more lidocaine adding compared with the previous TKTX numbing cream edition.

Overall, we can say it is 40% Green with 7% lidocaine that makes the pain free tattoos possible.


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