About us

    Our TKTX-TATTOO store mainly focus on selling tattoo-related products, including TKTX fast numbing cream, tattoo machines, and tattoo needles. You can buy all the tattoo equipment you need in our store, Besides, if you want other tattoo products, you can also contact us by email(shirley@tktx-tattoo.com), we will provide you with relevant product recommendations as soon as possible.

    Our TKTX-TATTOO store has many years of experience in the sale of tattoos, eyebrows and other related products, the product quality is much reliable and the supply channel is stable. To avoid the difference between the middlemen, you can rest assured to buy. Moreover, we welcome you to establish a long-term relationship with us. We will send you the latest product information at any time, and some additional offers will be sent to you.

    The more you purchasing, the more discount you can get.

    Got questions? Email us!