Which TKTX Color to Choose?

TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream


1. TKTX Numbing Cream History

If you go and search the pain-relieving creams, you will absolutely quickly discover the TKTX numbing cream. 

The TKTX numbing cream has been on the market since 1996. the need for pain-relieving creams and tattoos began. Since then, this cream has become the most popular preparation among the tattoo fans and other skin surgery, laser, therapy and ear-piercing receivers.

2. TKTX Numbing Cream Classification

The TKTX Fast Numbing Cream are described from Strong to Weak in descending order: 


When you are deciding which color to buy, we can give some basic advice: Green TKTX contains 7% lidocaine, 7% prilocaine and 2% adrenaline, which has the highest concentration of active compound. The remaining 5 colors have the same active ingredients: 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% adrenaline.

However, the same combinations are still expressed in different percentages on numbing cream. see the details below.

Different color mixtures are different. Therefore, even if the combination of active ingredients is almost identical and strong, the actual cream composition will vary. Since not everyone has the same skin and your body has different characteristics, TKTX offers consumers different absorption characteristics and distinguishes them by colors.

✓✓✓40% Green one contains 7% Lidocaine, 7% Prilocain and 2% epinephrine (rather than the other colors with different percentage of numbing cream with only 5% Lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% adrenaline among the whole market, Please notice this feature before purchasing.), it is usually the most expensive of all TKTX creams as it is the strongest and has a higher proportion of active ingredients compared to the other colors. This numbing cream is launching because many people are now chasing for pain free tattoos. Especially for those people who have sensitive skin, following the procedure of applying guidance, they will enjoy a wonderful experience while tattooing, waxing, microblading, laser, eyebrow, lips, skin surgery, therapy, ear-piercing, etc. The numbing effect may last about 3 hours to 6 hours.(Again we promise to provide the most special and popular 40% Green one to you)

TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% green

✓✓✓TKTX 38% Gold is the latest version, with improved ingredients, it works much better than the above colors. It is prepared for people who are chasing trends, different numbing effects can bring them freshness. Well, it is also enough for people who only want standard numbing effect. The numbing effect may last about 4 hours.
TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% 39% 38% 35% green Gold Red Black White Blue
✓✓✓Then comes to 38% Red TKTX numbing cream, It really has been popular for a while. BTW, it is quite good for you to do a long-time tattoo (you should also consider the amount of skin usage), eyebrow, lips, laser,therapy, ear-piercing, etc. This is quite enough for people who just wanna standard numbing effect. The numbing effect may last about 4 hours.
TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% 39% 38% 35% green Gold Red Black White Blue
✓✓✓The Black and White is slightly stronger than the blue. This is why less 35% pain reduction is indicated here. It is suitable for people who are not very sensitive for the pain procedure. The numbing effect may last about 3 hours.
             TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% 39% 38% 35% green Gold Red Black White Blue                                    TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% 39% 38% 35% green Gold Red Black White Blue
✓✓✓20% Blue is the weakest variant with the shortest duration of action. It could be applied during the short time tattoo, or micro skin surgery and other people who can endure big pain. That's why it is the most cheapest TKTX numbing cream.  The numbing effect may last about 2 hours.

TKTX TATTOO numbing cream 7% lidocaine 40% 39% 38% 35% green Gold Red Black White Blue

3. Price & Seller Comparison

The most important thing is there are so many sellers offer products at different prices, just search on the webpage: TKTX Numbing Cream/TKTX Cream/Numbing Cream, etc. You will find variety of products, price from $1.5 to $25.5. How come???

(Notes: the 40% green numbing cream is the newest edition, contains 7% Lidocaine, more than any other colors, so it is the most expensive one)

Let's go back to this question. Now you should take another important information: In the shop of the original manufacturer costs a TKTX cream over $ 20.00 for a tube of 10g. It includes domestic raw material fees, warehousing fees, logistics fees, labor costs, high advertising costs and so on (excluding international logistics costs sometimes), None of those costs can be cut, and prices are certainly not too low.

As for the price, since TKTX numbing cream are all produced in China. We are Chinese manufacturer and retailer, which can largely guarantee the quality of our products. Secondly, your domestic country may also have many retailers, but the products are given high logistics and storage fees. Our advantage is that there is no middleman to make a difference. Provide safe, reliable and low-cost protection for your bulk purchases.

Based on that, our TKTX-TATTOO promise to provide the genuine and authentic TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream for you, go and try it now !!!

We opened the AU UK and US warehouse, which means customers who come from UK AU and US can get our TKTX Numbing Cream More Quickly. (Click to open) Only for AU UK US Address!!!
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According to the introduction, more creams with high density of ingredient bring less painful, but in rare cases, some intolerance should still be considered. So you MUST make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the cream before purchasing.
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