Tattoo maintenance methods and some precautions for tattoo maintenance

1.Before going to the tattoo shop, try to bring some tattoo designs you like, or tattoo themes that can represent your aesthetic style. Sent to tattoo artist for analysis and quotation. Avoid staying up late the day before the tattoo, and don't fast on the day of the tattoo, as this will make you exhausted, uncomfortable or dizzy.

2. After the tattoo is completed, the tattoo artist will clean the tattoo, then apply tattoo repair cream to the tattoo, and then wrap the tattoo with plastic wrap after applying the tattoo repair cream. Wrapping the tattoo with plastic wrap is to protect the tattoo from airborne bacteria.

3.Remove the tattoo bandage after three hours. This time, including bathing and sleeping, it cannot be bandaged with plastic wrap, and the tattoo must be kept ventilated. Tattoos can get a quicker recovery.

4. remove the plastic wrap three hours later and rinse the tissue fluid left by the tattoo with clean water. Clean the pigment and blood. Do not use shower gel and soap to clean the tattoo area.

5. After rinsing, use alcohol-free beauty paper or wet tissue to wipe off the excess water around the tattoo, because the alcohol-containing wet tissue will sting the tattoo. Dry the tattoo and apply a thin layer of tattoo repair cream.

6. After three days, the tattoo will scab. This is a normal phenomenon. When the scab is scabbed, it should fall off naturally. Never scratch it with your hands, because it will fade and become infected after scratching with your hands.

7. During the tattoo recovery period, do not expose the tattoo to the sun. If you work or have to expose the tattoo to the sun, you can use a professional tattoo repair cream to better protect the tattoo from the sun. The color of the tattoo damaged by light.

8. Before the tattoo is fully recovered, you cannot swim or take a bath in the bathtub, otherwise the color will fade and the tattoo will be re-tattooed (complementary color)

9.During the recovery period, the tattoo should not exercise vigorously, such as fitness dancing

10. During the tattoo recovery period, please try to wear loose clothes and pants to avoid friction between the clothes and pants on the tattoo

How to use tattoo-specific ointment: Apply 2-3 times a day within 7 days after the tattoo, with a few hours in between, but do not apply it after sleeping; from the 3rd day after the tattoo, the tattoo area begins to molt, and the color of the tattoo area will change It is normal to feel dark and tight at the same time. Don't worry, it may be accompanied by itching. Do not scratch it, so as not to cause the color to fall off. Only the scabbed area can fall off naturally.

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