7% Lidocaine 40% Green TKTX Shipping from Australia!!!


Now we are going to launch a good news today. We have a warehouse in Australia from now on!!! Why do we choose to do this?

Unlike the traditional gold, red, black, white and blue, no matter how much TKTX numbing cream it is, it only contains 5% Lidocaine, 5% Prilocaine and 1% Epinephrine, which means that many sellers on the market are not able to provide high concentrations of Lidocaine in TKTX which contains 7% Lidocaine, 7% Prilocaine and 2% Epinephrine, or there are only one or two sellers who will provide it, but it will charge a high price, which is based on the cost of raw materials.

Our TKTX-TATTOO provides authentic and genuine 7% Lidocaine Green TKTX numbing. In view of past sales experience, our customers are located all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Chile, Portugal and Spain, etc.

As for 7% Lidocaine 40% Green TKTX numbing cream, this unique version was introduced because our customers are increasingly seeking a high level of painless tattoos or other microblading. Many consumers are very sensitive towards pain, so in view of this demand, we started selling 40% green 7% Lidocaine. It can last about 3~7 hours, and under the correct operating instructions, it can be painlessly totally.

Our selling of Green one is quite impressive, due to the strong desire of the market, we have opened the domestic delivery business in Australia. We have our own warehouse in Australia (only for 40% green with 7% lidocaine), which greatly shortens your delivery time (free shipping), it generally takes 3 to 6 working days on delivery.

Our products are available in special packaging, there are 3 tubes in one pack.

If you want more, please email us before purchasing, we can offer special discount for large orders.

Get 35% off discount, apply (TKTXTAT24U) to save 10.49 US dollars for a single order~~~



Do you sell to New Zealand, if so what price?

Faye Carrillo

Hello I would like to order TKTX Green 7%.


Hi how much is the tktx numbing cream plz?


Hi, I’d like to purchase a bulk order for selling within Australia. Is this possible?

What are your rates?

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