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This edition is only available for the US domestic purchasing !!!

Composition: 7% Lidocaine; 7% Prilocaine; 2% Epinephrine
Color: 40% Green
Package including 1pc a pack.
Suitable for: Tattoo, eyebrow, lips, skin surgery, laser,therapy, ear-piercing, etc.

Our Advantages:
Shipped from local United States, only take 3~6 business days in transportation.
New edition with 7% Lidocaine, 7% Prilocaine and 2% Epinephrine added, rather than the traditional  5% Lidocaine, 5% Prilocaine and 1% Epinephrine numbing cream.
More comfortable after applying 40% Green 7% Lidocaine TKTX Numbing Cream than other TKTX creams.

Directions to use:
(1)Totally shave excess hair and dead skin on your skin surface.
(2)Apply a hot towel to the skin, or wipe alcohol partly, so that your pore opens and the cream can be better absorbed.
(3)Then the numbing cream will be painted evenly on the skin with 2~3mm in thickness. Then covered it tightly with a cling film around 40~50 minutes, the skin will achieve anesthesia up to 3-5 hours.
(4)Completely remove TKTX from skin, then ready to work.

The longer the film stays on the skin, the better the anesthetic effect. Do not remove the film until you feel numb.
To ensure better results, avoid drinking any alcohol and milk until the tattoo is available within 24 hours, otherwise you will feel painful when tattooing;
Please feel free to contact with us when you have any questions towards our products, we will always online to provide the best customer service for you.

Customer Reviews

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Edgar Alejandre


Kortney Sloan
Forever customer

I am no newbie when it comes to tattoos and I have health issues that make it difficult so when I DO go and finally get one I want it to be as comfortable as possible. I have tried other products like Hush, Dr. Numb, etc...

NOTHING is close to this. I got some of my coverup and I sat for about 3 hours yesterday and I didn't feel anything until about 2.5 hours in. The last half hour some parts were still numbed but the majority had wore off. I love you guys, seriously. I have so many tattoos I have lost count at this point but you allow me to continue to get what I love (tattoos) and make it easier for me with my health complications. THANK YOU!!!!

Troy Bell

US 1 Tube 40% Green 7% Lidocaine TKTX Numbing Cream for Tattoo Microblading 3-6 Working Days Free Shipping

keyshawn scott

must get product

Tory Swedlund
Bad batch

I have used this stuff 3 times with NO issues. I just got a new order in and had tattoo work done yesterday and now I have a swollen arm and red rash where ever I rubbed TKTX on my arm. Very disappointed